Winter is Coming: Don’t spend too much money this holiday season.

November 22, 2018

Winter is Coming:   Curb your household spending, stash some cash and don’t buy more on credit  than you can pay off quickly.   Regardless of what Snoop Dogg says, this is not the time to appear to be “Living Your Best Life” just to feel good or keep up appearances by over indulging yourself and spending lavishly on fads, gifts and other short term pleasures this holiday season!  The U.S. financial markets and employment trends are telling me that we are headed toward disaster in 2019 or 2020.  Anyone who works for a living needs to start preparing now so they can weather the winter storm that’s coming to businesses and towns across our country cause when it hits, it will be devastating for working folks.

Why am I sharing this tip that Winter is Coming with you today.  Well I observed the squirrels in my neighborhood frantically digging and storing food yesterday while I was out doing yard work for what I hope to be the last time this year.  The recent cold snap and now warm up in KC was a signal to the squirrels that Winter is Coming and they used this warm up as a short window to store  more food to get through what may be a very difficult winter season.  I trust squirrels more than I trust the weather men when it comes to the weather, especially winter weather .

When it comes to my money I trust the facts (trends) more than I trust the government and their TV pundits with respect to how I feel about the economy and other important aspects of my life.  Based on the facts, it time for you and I to store (save) more of our hard earned cash to be able to weather the impending recession or dare I say depression ahead.  Check out the chart below source from an recent article I found online after reviewing census and economic data a few weeks ago to think about how I can preserve my money (Wealth) as we move into the next recession and you will see that ever since 1950 when unemployment gets year or below 4% a recession is follows within 1 to 2 years.  In addition consumer debt (that the debt you and I carry on credit cards, cars, boats, houses and etc.) is at an all-time high.Most of you know I’m an engineer by trade and I can tell you with high certainty that the “Trend Is Your Friend in good times, but will be your Enemy soon.

Winter is Coming: It believe the next recession will likely be more devastating than any we’ve ever seen since we have low interest rates and rapidly growing federal deficits.  I believe we will experience the initial impacts of it starting in 2019 and then come down like a hammer in 2020 or 2021 just before or after the next election cycle.  If you’re a skeptic and are asking why Vercie is so certain, just look at the charts above.   In the financial markets History always repeats itself and vast majority of politicians and news pundits will never tell you the truth about what’s really coming since it doesn’t fit their agenda.  So we best get ready for the inevitable especially people who are in the low and middle income levels of society.

We are living on a sugar high right now and the crash is coming.  The economy was great but has gotten even greater this earnings season following the passing of the new tax legislation or dare I say tax stimulus package by President Trump’s administration.  Passing the business tax reduction has clearly boosted corporate earnings, my 401k and wealth and the wealth of millions of other Americans but all good things must come to an end.   For those who are old enough remember how good we felt about the economy just before the 2001-2008 crash.  Consumer sentiment was high and we were all spending way too much money (buying cars, houses, incurring consumer credit card debt, and putting our kids in to high priced schools…).   Once again we are nearing the end of what has been a great bull run that started in 2010 after the auto bailouts and financial bank bailouts, interest rates are still at historic lows and the banks are benefiting since most consumers are running up credit card, auto, and home debt like never before and to put a cherry on top  and guess what the Affordable Care Act (an act that has been despised by many as something that would crater our economy in 2010 but it didn’t even though it does come at a higher cost to many working folks even though it also helps millions of others who couldn’t get good health care and are now protected from financial ruin or they’ll simply have a better more healthy life because of it.

I hope I’ve scared the crap out of you and have your attention after sharing the truth today.  Now is the time to give thanks but it’s not the time to spend above your means or buy lavish gifts (cars, jewelry, boats, latest gaming stations…) if you have to do it on credit or put your ability to pay bills at risk.  I recommend everyone rethink what matters resist the urge to follow Snoop Dog’s latest track “I’m living my best life” by over spending or racking up more debt during this hyped up holiday season.  Black Friday sales are only good for the retail businesses, banks, restaurants and owners of consumer businesses because your money will help them survive the impending Winter that is coming.

Before you go online or to the malls tonight and tomorrow and over the holiday shopping season remember they (retail consumer businesses – Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, JC Penny, Mercedes, GM, BMW, Tesla, Chevy, Ford…) and their credit card lenders don’t care us!  Remember when you have nothing once your laid off work in 2019 or 2020 watching the next election cycle restaurants owners will tell you to leave their places of business or have you kicked out for loitering at their shop when you need to get warm, retailers and debt collectors will take your home, car, boat and other possessions when you can’t pay up, and the government can’t provide you enough money or food and shelter when you’re family is in need.   Yes the government will bail out the banks, retailers, your company and large manufacturers but they won’t show you any love after you’ve spent your money hard earned money donating to their campaigns and lining the pockets of retail business owners this holiday season.

Don’t believe the hype, don’t get duped.  Don’t be a sucker this holiday season!  When Winter comes remember you will once again be on your own just like 2007-2008 when the next financial recession hits and it will hit us hard.  Spend time with your family and friends and don’t get too hooked on buying stuff this Holiday Season.  Act like the squirrels I saw yesterday in my yard they were hooked on Hooked (storing their food).  You should get hooked on storing your cash before you go shopping on Black Friday in malls and online to to get you through the brutal winter season that is just around the corner so you’re prepared to begin investing your (stored cash) money to capitalize on the next bull run that will last for 7-10 years comes after every recession.

Make out like a Bandit Winter Ends   Winter is indeed coming my friends and it will be brutal on those who didn’t prepare for it, but rewarding for those who prepare to capitalize on it when it ends.  Most recessions only last 1 to 2 years so if you act like a squirrel today and start saving vs. spending more money you will be able to invest it and make out like a bandit.  You’ll make out like the top 1% and top 10% have done for generations, you’ll be a Rain Maker do after carnage of the next recession cycle comes to an end.

God bless and keep you all safe as you fellowship with friends, family and others while giving thanks preparing to Make It Rain during the next  10 bull market.

Let’s Make It Rain!


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