DECA Partners To Improve Students Personal Finance Acumen

September 8, 2019

Dayton Early College Academy (DECA) is our newest high school partner!   With the help of a generous donor, 300 DECA students will receive a copy of Lark’s book, Make It Rain.   DECA students will participate in discussions with Lark to l improve their money management capability.

Lark is on a mission to create more prosperity in low and middle-income communities across our country.  “Teaching our youth and their parents to manage money now will help them build more wealth over their lifetime. “

Lark hopes to connect with other donors and schools in Dayton, Kansas, and Missouri to create a generation of Rain Makers.

“Too many people  lack affordable access to personal finance and investing advice.”

– Vercie Lark

We can close the wealth gap in America if we work together.  Teaching our youth and young adults to manage money is good for them and good for America!

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