Creating Future Rainmakers | Saturday Morning with Arvest Bank & Awesome Ambitions

August 17, 2021

“If your plan is for a year plant rice. If your plan is for 10 years plant trees. If your plan is for a lifetime educate your children.”

– Confucius

It was a cold Saturday in December and a group of about 40 young ladies filed into a room at UMKC.  The first segment of the day led by the good people of Arvest Bank used real-life scenarios to teach the ladies how to make better decisions based on a fixed budget.  The energy in the room with palpable as they eagerly engaged and learned the basic life skills they need to be much more successful managing their life and making good choices with their hard-earned money.

During the second segment of the day, I had the privilege to share wealth-building & investing tips with the young ladies and adult volunteers. At the end of the segment, the kids and volunteers had lots of questions so I stayed behind to ensure they left with tips I normally don’t cover.  All of the kids and volunteers received a free copy of my new book, Make It Rain.  The group will meet again in two weeks after reading Make It Rain to discuss it as a way to reinforce the exercises completed that day.

I’m so am proud to have had the opportunity to educate more youth in the KC Metro area and hope we planted a few seeds that change their money habits this year and for decades to come.   Congrats to the folks at Arvest Bank and Awesome Ambitions for doing great things in the community!  Let’s Make It Rain!


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