2019 Financial Freedom Expo in Wichita | Author Vercie Lark Shares Tips on ‘Making It Rain’ in Our Lives

September 8, 2019

“We got 99 problems and too much money ain’t one!”

Last year, GoBankingRates survey uncovered the alarming fact that 58% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and what’s more, 32% have no savings at all! Those facts are alarming, but we don’t have to allow our past or our present condition to control our future.

“When we know better we do better,” so come learn how by joining us for the 6th Annual Financial Freedom Expo –“Pathway to Prosperity.”

2019 Financial Freedom Expo in Wichita

The “Pathway” must include saving and investing, growing your credit score, buying a home, diversifying your income, branding and marketing your side hustle, and maximizing your social security benefits. Whatever path you want to take, come learn more about it at our Financial Freedom Expo on Sat., April 27 in Wichita

There will be fun supervised learning activities for youth in the “Kids Zone,” lunch is free, and loads of opportunity to win cash and prizes.

We all want to get on the pathway to prosperity, figuring out how doesn’t have to be hard, it can even be fun. So, come out April 27th and let’s get on the right path together!


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